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What Type of Furniture Jewelry Will You Choose for Your Interior?

When it comes to interior design, every detail matters. Just as jewelry complements and enhances our outfits, furniture handles can add that perfect finishing touch to your living space. Choosing the right furniture handles is an essential aspect of interior design, as they not only serve a functional purpose but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal.


If your interior features minimalist design and clean lines, opt for furniture handles with smooth and simple shapes. Stainless steel or aluminum handles blend well with a modern interior.


For a classic interior design, consider furniture handles with elegant and ornate shapes. Brass or silver handles can add a touch of sophistication, accentuating the traditional style.


If you’re a fan of raw, industrial aesthetics, choose furniture handles made of black or brushed metal. Such handles will add character and boldness to your interior.                         

what to look for ?

When designing your own interior, it’s important to consider the color scheme, choose furniture thoughtfully, and select suitable furniture handles. Careful planning and attention to these elements will help create a harmonious and functional space that reflects our preferences and needs.

Interior Coloring

Choosing the right colour scheme is crucial to creating an atmosphere and mood in an interior space. Well-chosen colours for walls, floors and accessories can create a harmonious and pleasant environment in which to relax. Personal preferences should be taken into account, while maintaining balance and considering contrasts. It is important that the interior colours also match the function of the room.

design Furniure

Furniture plays a pivotal role in interior design, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. It’s important to carefully consider which furniture pieces will best fit the space and meet our needs. Opting for furniture with a versatile style that is durable and easy to adapt to potential changes in the arrangement is a smart idea. Additionally, paying attention to proportions and scale will prevent the furniture from overwhelming the room.

furniture jewellery

Furniture handles are often overlooked, but can have a significant impact on the final look of your interior. It is worth choosing handles that match both the style of the furniture, the overall aesthetic and the colour scheme of the room. For example, sleek and minimalist furniture handles may be suitable for modern interiors, while ornate handles made of different materials such as brass or silver can be used in classic interiors.

it's beautiful !

A well-designed interior can have a positive impact on our well-being. When surrounded by aesthetic and functional elements, we can feel more relaxed and comfortable in our own home. A space that exudes harmony and balance can influence our emotions and moods.

An interior that pays attention to proper lighting, carefully selected colors, and ergonomic furniture placement can promote a sense of peace and tranquility. All these elements contribute to our ability to unwind and rejuvenate after a challenging day.

A well-designed interior can also inspire us to be more active and think creatively. A space that fosters organization and order allows us to focus on our tasks and accomplishments. A pleasant environment can enhance our productivity and motivation.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that a well-designed interior can impact our relationships with others. A space that is welcoming and friendly can encourage gatherings with family and friends, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and closeness.


The design of furniture handles begins with inspiration, which can be drawn from various sources and mainly from nature. The designers then create preliminary drawings and sculpt the handles in clay to test their shape and ergonomics. This process creates unique and functional handles that add character to the furniture and complement the interior.


After sculpting the clay model, molds are created for casting the handles using the chosen metal alloy. Once cast, the handles undergo processing to remove excess material, and then they are polished to achieve a smooth, shiny finish. This meticulous production process ensures the creation of high-quality handles with impeccable aesthetics.


Once the production process is complete, the handles are packaged and shipped to the customer. We provide secure packaging so that the handles arrive to the customer in pristine condition. Upon receipt of the shipment, the customer can install the handles. The installation process requires no specialist tools.

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What Type of Furniture Jewelry Will You Choose for Your Interior? – Gaviani
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