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A Unique Handle That Fits Your Style

This new collection of furniture handles is a combination of excellent functionality and a unique brutalist style. Each handle has been carefully designed to provide not only a practical solution for your furniture but also an additional artistic element.

Embracing the Power of Personalization

Often, bespoke design is mistakenly associated solely with kitchens or bathrooms, limiting its true potential for personalization. In our opinion, this narrow viewpoint overlooks the transformative power that personalization can bring to any space.

Our Bestsellers

Our Bestsellers

Essence of Design

Furniture that offers comfort and traditional references combines simplicity and soft lines. From sofas to modular seating systems to armchairs, we are looking for something beautiful. However, we do not rely solely on the sense of sight – the sensual issue is equally important, and sometimes dominant. Color, structure and material make us want to be in a beautiful environment that hugs our soul.

Journal & Blog

In addition to sales, we run a blog where we publish useful tips on choosing the handles of the latest trends in design and many other topics to educate and entertain our readers.

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